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Writing Music [Philosophical Monday]

I don’t know why I always feel the need to cite past blogs that I’ve done whenever I recover a subject, even if that blog was years and years ago, but for whatever reason I do. So I’m just going to say, for all fifty of you that used to read my personal blog back in the day, I once did a post on the music I listen to when I’m writing. I think it was back in 2008. Basically I said that when I’m writing, I can’t listen to my usual music, b/c it’s too distracting and I can’t listen to classical music, b/c it’s too boring. So I started searching for other types of upbeat music to keep my mind elevated, but not engaged while I wrote.

Back in 2008, I found Yelle (French), Belanova (Espanol), Ratatat, and the Vitamin String Quartet Рa California outfit that does string versions of everything from Coldplay to Kanye West, and whose Radiohead covers or pretty much perfect accompaniment for writing somber moments in your story.

Now, I listen to … Yelle, Belanova, Ratatat, Vitamin String Quartet, and all-girl violin groups (which are weirdly popular in Britain)¬†Bond and Escala.

So though, I’m grateful that my original four groups have produced enough material to keep me going this long, I’m getting a little sick of sitting down to same acts plus two every weekday. Got any suggestions for new foreign and music-only acts to add to my iTunes writing mix? Also, I’m wondering what everybody else listens to while they’re writing. Sound off in the comments.