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Writing Peccadilloes [Oh, It’s Tuesday]

Right now, I’m in the middle of a pretty intense rewrite of my second novel. Actually this is the seventh rewrite. I did a sixth rewrite in response to my new agent’s notes, and now I’m doing a seventh to make sure that the sixth rewrite makes sense. This time, however, it’s become like a lover stayed with too long. I can’t help but notice with irritation all of my little writing peccadilloes.

For example, I love to have one character say another character’s name at the beginning of a sentence. “Sharita, you promised you’d come… ” and “Thursday, why are you giving me guff about this” — stuff like that all over the manuscript.

I also have people looking or staring at each other a lot. In fact, I’m kind of obsessed with eyes and action verbs. In this novel, eyes “land” on other characters, they “pin,” they “blaze.” The eyes are basically the hardest working body part in novel business.

And man do I love the word “actually.” The manuscript’s rotten with it. How did that happen?

Hopefully by the time this novel gets to you, all these peccadilloes will have been taken care of or at least scaled back. I take solace in the fact, that all of the writing peccadilloes I noticed on my seventh rewrite of 32 CANDLES are not coming up in the second novel. But I also worry about what new peccadilloes I’ll discover, and therefore have to solve, in the third novel.

Do you have any writing peccadilloes? Let me know in the comments. The peccadilloes rewrite is always miserable work, and it would be lovely to know I wasn’t alone.

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