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YEASTY! Ask Dr. Miro: What You Didn’t Learn In Health Class

Dear Dr. Miro,

I can’t figure out why I have yeast infections, lately. I think I’m eating right and I’m not messing around with a bunch of dirty boys like usual. I’ve been using my Rabbit a lot but seriously, that can’t cause yeast problems, can it?


Itchy Bread Factory in My Pants


Yeast infections, or the Candida fungus, can happen from a change in the delicate balance that needs to be maintained inside of you. There are many reasons behind them. Too much acidity or ph, can result in your body taking over in a yeast infection. Your body is trying to heal itself! Candida can be a result of things like too much sugar, not wearing panties that let your Lady Bits breathe, stress, using scented “sanitary” products, harsh laundry chemicals, staying in a wet bathing suit all day or douching. Sometimes the itching and discharge will occur due to antibiotics because these medicines work on the principle of killing bacteria and a lot of the flora and fauna you need, to maintain a healthy Vag, can end up taking the hit. Many women develop Candida each month prior to their periods as a result of pesky hormonal changes (and the stress and eating habits that ensue).

These annoying Yeast Infections may also be triggered by putting something inside you that is not clean, such as the Dirty Boys you referenced, or, insufficiently cleaned toys. If you are using your Rabbit a lot, how have you been about cleanings between your heated Self Pleasuring sessions? Even if what is on your Special Bunny is from you, you still MUST clean it thoroughly with warm water and a non-allergenic soap like baby shampoo. Wipes are not enough. If you do not have time for all that cleaning shenanigans, use condoms on your Battery Operated Buddy. That way there is no messy clean up!

Lust & Happiness,

Dr. Miro

featured image credit: diluvienne