IVF Part Tres Update [No Hello Friday] Mar25

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IVF Part Tres Update [No Hello Friday]

So instead of getting “Hello Friday” in last night, I went to see a private screening of YOUR HIGHNESS with the hubby. And, woo hoo, we’re going to to see SUCKER PUNCH this afternoon. As you might have surmised by the two date movies in a row (wild behavior for parents!), we’re going in for the embryo(s) transfer on Sunday. I’m in very good spirits, mostly because I have a lot to get squared away before then and also because I feel a lot more disconnected from the process this time. No out-of-control hopes, but also no raging worry. Just a lot of work and you know … wait and see.

Anywho, I’ll see you back here next Monday. Till then, have a great day and an even better weekend.