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Fierce OR Nerdy: Bake Off

a blogumn by slpc

I’m a little surprised by last week’s turn out. It would be a fair assumption to say most of our readers are liberal, but I was still shocked to see the large majority voted to legalize marijuana. I also noticed the comments section was a little emptier than usual — perhaps out of paranoia, or maybe just disinterest — but I was especially intrigued by Andrew Ator’s comment about how legalization would make our country lazy. I personally have mixed feelings about the issue, but laziness is not one of my concerns. Lazy people will find ways to be lazy with or without marijuana. Believe me, I find plenty of ways to procrastinate everything, including this blog, without pot. On the other hand, I know plenty of stoners who are highly productive. But I suppose we won’t find out whether Andrew’s blanket statement has any validity until pot is legal, so here’s hoping we find out someday. We can always prohibit it later, right?

Now, for something completely different. I figured we needed something a little lighter this week. And something yummy. I’m also curious if the recent cupcake trend has indeed supplanted all other handheld desserts. In my opinion, if anything could take on the cupcake, it would be the brownie. Let’s find out.*


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*The Fierce OR Nerdy labels don’t really apply this week. Or do they?