Technically Geeking: There’s An App For That. May13

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Technically Geeking: There’s An App For That.


a blogumn by Justin Time

iPhone Apps

No doubt you have seen the Apple commercials for the iPhone and its apps: “Say you’re a coal miner. Your canary dies and the entrance to your mining shaft collapses. There’s an app for that.”

My wife joked last week that it should become the new catchphrase to replace “That’s what she said.” It has not caught on yet. So to promote it, and because this is an easy topic for me, I am giving you some App Store recommendations.

I make software for iPhones and other less successful mobile devices (ever heard of BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile?), so I routinely download apps to research for my job. I am constantly adding and removing apps but here are some that I like having in my pocket right now. I won’t shamelessly promote any of my company’s stuff, as much as my boss would like that.


iTranslate – Free – Easy to use pocket translator with 42 languages
Memory Info – 99 Cents – Frees up 40mb of RAM when your device gets slow or crashy
ConvertBot – Free – Beautifully designed unit and currency converter


Guitar Toolkit – $9.99 – Worth it. Tuner, Chord Charts, Metronome, Fret Board
Seafood Watch – Free – Monterrey Bay Aquarium lets you know which fish are OK to eat
Kindle – Free – Why buy another device for hundreds of dollars when this is free?
Drinks – $1.99 – Because researching through 35,000 apps is more fun with a buzz on


Lux Touch – Free – Classic Risk game. Great way to kill 10 minutes
Field Runners– $2.99 – The best tower-defense game for iPhone.
Flight Control – 99 Cents – It’s like preschool for air traffic controllers. 
Virtual Villagers – $1.99 – You raise islanders like a god. Also, there is a sequel.

That’s plenty for now. Let us know in the comments what your favorite apps are, even if they are not for the iPhone.