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5 Superheroes That Need a Better Game [Game On]

I haven’t done many list-ish posts here on FaN so I figured I’d cut my teeth by talking about 5 of my superheroes who absolutely need a better video game.  Without further adieu, one of my personal favorites…

1. Daredevil

Now, mind you, I realize he’s made appearances in games before, but I’d love to play an original story that explores the daily life of Matt Murdock.  Aside from stepping into the red leathers of the Man Without Fear and roughing up thugs throughout Hell’s Kitchen, it’d also be an interesting opportunity to explore Matt’s days as a defense attorney.  I mean, a lawyer game isn’t that far of a stretch (Phoenix Wright anyone?) and you could even weave the outcome of Matt’s court proceedings into where he prowls at night.

Imagine that Matt Murdock is outmaneuvered in court by another attorney that’s in the Kingpin’s pocket and a murderer walks free.  You could use the information gathered during the cross-examination to hunt him down at night and depending on the choices you make have an  impact on your ability to dish out justice.  He may not be an A-lister in the Marvel universe, but he’s a personal favorite and his day job makes Matt a 24/7 justice machine.

Of course, our next hero also has the ability to put a hurtin’ on evil in the daytime…

2. Blade

Wesley Snipes was an amazing Blade, but you may not know that Blade the vampire hunter is actually a Marvel character who made his first appearance in comics back in 1973.  Now, Blade wasn’t the best vampire movie around, but as far as action goes it was a pretty good time and the concept of a vampire who can walk in the daylight but still has to battle a vampiric thirst is pretty cool. Plus, if the Castlevania series has taught us anything it’s that hunting vampires is pretty grimly satisfying.

Blade’s undeniable badassery would be a blast to control hunting down the various unholy horrors of the night.  Similar to Daredevil, in the daytime he could track down the human ‘pets’ of the vampires and gain information to propel his hunting activities at night. It’d be even better if they could write a decent story with him hunting down Dracula himself, but only if there wasn’t some kooky Castlevania crossover.

3. Nightcrawler

This is a tough one.  Nightcrawler’s a bit of a B-lister in the Marvel universe but he’s always been one of my personal favorites.  Teleportation powers aside, he is also a skilled medic, pilot, fencer, and devout Catholic despite his demonic appearance. Kurt Wagner was always a very conflicted character as well, in reconciling his frightful appearance with his very gentle nature.

It would be difficult to carry an entire action game but a story told about his journey from his days as a circus performer to the point where he joins the X-Men just might work.  Also, taking a Portal-like approach to the gameplay could make for some very interesting puzzle possibilities.

4. Spawn

Spawn is the ultimate anti-hero.  Al Simmons, having made a deal with the devil to become a Hellspawn in exchange for seeing his wife, Wanda, one last time struggles with his role as an agent of Hell.  He died violently and his very existence brings its own flavors of emotional and physical torment in exchange for his quite literally ungodly power.  He’s been in a few games, once on his own and perhaps more notably as a playable character in Soul Calibur 2.

His limited power could be a great gameplay mechanic as you must balance the destruction of evil with your power levels lest you return to the Hell that birthed you.  The touching tale of his longing for Wanda also could allow for some fantastic storytelling.  Guns, chains, the cape, his very power to manifest his will into nearly anything he can imagine makes Spawn one of my top picks for a hero that’s begging for a quality release.

5. Detective Fell (Fell)

Alright, superhero is really a stretch here, but I love Detective Fell very much and was pumped to find while researching this article that he’s making a comeback this year.  Fell is dry, cynical, and works as homicide detective in the most derelict city there is- Snowtown. It falls atmospherically between Silent Hill and Se7en.  I think the reason I want Fell to land a game of his own is so I can see how the narrative would continue to evolve.  It’s dark, gritty, and as such completely appeals to me as I long to see more games tackle mature content in the same vein as Silent Hill 2.

So I didn’t really break the rules until that last one, but what hero of yours would you love to see adapted into a videogame?

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