Chic Geek: Your Nerdy Guy — But Even Better Oct22

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Chic Geek: Your Nerdy Guy — But Even Better


A blogumn by Delia Hauser

Let me begin by saying that I don’t support trying to change your loved ones…but gently nudging them can’t hurt.  Our nerdy men, whether they are husbands, nephews or anything in between often fumble when it comes to style.  On top of this, I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that menswear is just boring and hard to shop for, blah, blah, blah.  This just pisses me off!  As a professional shopper, I often wish I were I man right now because their clothing is WAY more interesting than women’s.

We have entered an exciting time for chic geeky menswear.  Fancy sneakers with a suit are becoming JUST as acceptable as shiny Guccis.  And while we’re at it; Suits as daywear!  Ties with zip-up hoodies!  Nice jeans instead of slacks!  Pops of color that no longer scream ,“METRO!”  but simply ,“STYLISH!” Leaps and bounds, people!  Leaps and bounds!  WE no longer have to wear pantyhose; THEY get to wear logo t-shirts and chucks with suits.  DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN?!

So get your butt out of Structure (does that store even still exist?), go online and buy this stuff I’ve laid out for you.  It’s a lot, but frankly, I had to prove that there IS A LOT to choose from.   Here are a few guidelines to ease the nerdy loved ones into dressing better and to help you help them:


[Editor’s Pre-Jump Note: If you haven’t been to Delia’s Christmas Store yet, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice. So many clever things at such reasonable prices that  the bad economy won’t get in the way of your Christmas Spirit this year. My favorite: the below mitten stocking, which is so cute I could DIE. Check it out here and go here for other Christmas ideas.]
mitten stockings... yes, it's true!

mitten stockings... yes, it's true!


1.  For pete’s sake, buy the right size! He’s a freaking medium, not an XL.  Just because he wore a 40R when he last BOUGHT a suit…you get what I mean. Measure, measure, measure.

SUITS: Measurement around the chest is or is close to the number.  S means short, R means regular and L means long.  It REALLY is that simple.
SHIRTS:  Measure around the neck at the base.  For the sleeve length, have them bend their arm a little at the elbow and measure from the base of the neck in BACK over the shoulder, bent elbow and down the arm to the wrist.
PANTS: Measure around the waist 1 inch below the belly button and the inseam (from the crotch to just above the floor).

2. Learn to tie a tie here and demystify international sizing here!

3.  Start small. A fun tie (no, I don’t mean Donald Duck) or colorful argyle socks and one or two color pops at a time.  The rest will come; give them time to CARE.

4.  When mixing patterns (Oh, yes, please do!), the only hard and fast rule is to keep one small, like a pinstripe, and one large, like a polka dot or plaid.  That’s it.  Just mix the scale of the patterns and everything will be okay.

5.  Finish off looks with fun accessories. And tell him AGAIN, “This doesn’t make you “metro”, it makes you a ‘new classic.’  Especially if your cuff links are magnum shells or your tie tack is a typewriter key!”

6.  Please never buy anything from Ed Hardy, Smet or Christian Audigier. It is just as trashy as wearing sweatpants with words across the butt in public.

YAY! Get shopping!


1.  Penguin sweater – $135.00
2.  Paul Smith cardigan – $280.00
3. Penguin jacket – $195.00
4. Converse by John Varvatos jacket – $160.00
5.  Paul Smith shirt – $245.00
6. Feral Empire t-shirt – $20.00
7. Modern Amusement shirt – $115.00
8. Vital Industries t-shirt – $26.00
9.  Penguin polo – $90.00
10. Cubist Literature t-shirt – $25.00
11. Rogan trouser – $290.00
12. Ben Sherman pants – $129.00
13. Ben Sherman pants – $109.00
14. Penguin pants – $125.00
15.  A.P.C. -$155.00
16. Fred Perry trouser – $178.00
17.  Paul Smith socks – $38.00
18. Barneys New York socks – $34.00
19. Camper boots – $151.00
20.  Converse high-tops – $74.95
21. John Varvatos for Converse low-tops – $76.00
22. Vans boots – $64.95
23. Marc Jacobs oxfords – $252.00


1. Allyn Scura vintage frames – $65.00
2. Chigal vintage safety glasses– $30.00
3. Allyn Scura vintage frames – $145.00
4. Allyn Scura vintage frames – $100.00
5. Allyn Scura vintage frames – $90.00
6. Tie Lab tie – $30.00
7. J L Stephens Couture tie tack– $4.00
8. Paul Smith tie – $135.00
9. Dabble Designs tie tack – $7.00
10. Whimsical Bazaar – $18.00
11. Buncombe Buckles – $54.00
12. Penguin watch – $175.00
13. Penguin watch – $155.00
14. Dmented cuff links – $35.00
15. Brave Moonman pouch – $18.00
16. mmsomewhere photo wallet – $18.00
17. Penguin hat – $48.00
18. Zerkahloostrah bag – $95.00
19. Apipi’s Boutique bag – $49.00


1. Lego calendar – $14.00
2.  Red Leaf soap and shave cube – $11.00
3.  My Robot calculator – $20.00
4.  Michelle Kendrick painting – $60.00
5. Ashley G and Drew – $35.00
6. Olivetti Manual Typewriter – $140.00
7.  Sheila’s Things shave set – $19.50
8. Lomography Diana F+ Camera – $95.00
9.  Jon Carling print – $10.00