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Dear Thursday: Page to Screen

blindnessOne of my abs favorite things to do is to hold off on seeing a movie until I’ve read or listened to the book that it’s based on. I’ve done this with so many books that it’s. Impossible to recount them all, but some of my most memorable read-then-watch moments include Circle of Friends, Children of Men, Twilight, and right now, Blindness.

I like to read the book first, b/c in most cases the movie doesn’t compare — though I have been surprised in a few cases: Like Water For Chocolate was equally wonderful on page and screen, and I blindness_movie_poster3thought Children of Men way surmounted its source material In both depth and diversity.

Blindness after a bit of a slow start is building up into an extremely resonant and thoughtful read. And though the movie got mixed reviews, I’m looking forward to watching it after I finish the book.

But what about you? Are you a source material first reader or do you prefer to see the movie first? And either way, what have been your favorite page-to-screen transitions? Let us know in the comments.