Did it Rain Chicken McNuggets on New York? 7 Fun Things Caught on Camera [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Jul06

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Did it Rain Chicken McNuggets on New York? 7 Fun Things Caught on Camera [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe]

New York – millions of people and millions of stories. Having lived here for many years now, I’ve seen some crazy things. Every once in a while when I’m out and about, I snap a picture to share along with my friends. Now, I’ve sharing them with you!

It was a random Wednesday morning and I was walking to work. While stopped at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to change, I looked down and found this…!

I’m sure these Chicken McNuggets didn’t really fall from the sky like rain, but it looks like someone lost more than half of their 20 piece order. I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t see the sidewalk littered with deep fried chicken parts often.

Last month, I spotted this sign posted in a Jersey City bar, just across the river from Manhattan.  Read the last line very carefully…

Doesn’t consuming beverages at a bar make you hydrated — or less thirsty? Apparently not here! So, come in thirsty – because you’re going home even more dehydrated!


We’ve all heard about the chicken that crossed the road… well, here’s the pretzel that crossed the subway tracks.  Somehow, I don’t think this story would be good for children, especially when the 3 train comes barreling on in!


Yes, this giant cockroach was recently caught in a Manhattan high rise! Feel secure that a few hours earlier, it was crawling across somebody’s desk. You should have seen my co-workers freak out when I carried this thing around!


How would you like to drive this van with a giant hot dog on top? This thing blew past me at about 80 MPH on the Garden State Parkway, heading south of the city.


No, this is not a prop from Saturday Night Live… this is really for sale at my local ShopRite grocery store.


Lastly, looks like somebody is down for the count after a hard night of partying. This was at the World Trade Center PATH station. When I got off the packed train 20 minutes later, she was still sound asleep. She was definitely alive, because she rolled over in the other direction!

THE 411
What: New York City
Population: 8.244,910 (2011 Census estimate)
Website: www.nyc.gov


So many people – so many stories. It never surprises me what I will encounter on my commute or just being out and about.  With the sky high gas prices, I honestly enjoy riding the subway and walking to work. While some look at is as a chore, I look at it as another day’s episode of stories. Sure, the subway may be down, or the weather may be bad – but there’s always something going on. (Remind me I wrote that the next time the F train makes me late for work.)

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed these little snapshots of New York City area life. (Yes, I admit two of these are from North Jersey.)  We’ve all seen the thousands of tourist photos of Times Square and the Empire State Building, but these are snapshots of true local everyday life.  I’ll keep my eyes open – maybe I’ll have a part 2 of this blogumn with even better material in the future!


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