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Wow! It’s Wednesday! After the Pink T-shirt

So with my summer challenge of wearing my pink 32 CANDLES shirt exclusively (except to book events) less than a couple of weeks from being over, I’ve been wondering about my wardrobe after the pink T-shirt. Three months of wearing the same thing gives you a lot of time to think about wardrobe in general. For a while there, I was vowing to only wear dull colors like black, beige, and maybe forest green when I got done with this challenge. Then I thought about going back to my usual button-up and sweater vest style in the fall. But something’s changed in me forever, I don’t think I could go back to that style, because get this … it’s too complicated.

One thing that only switching out my bottoms has taught me is that I really — and I mean really don’t need that many clothes. At first I was consumed, thinking about all the clothes I might buy after the T-shirt challenge, but as it wore on* I began wondering whether I could pare my non-event wardrobe down to 14 items: 7 tops — one of which would be my 32 CANDLES T-shirt (which let’s face it, is perfect for days when I don’t have much to do outside the house) and 7 bottoms. I want all of these tops and bottoms to match. I want them all to be items that travel well and look good in whatever iteration I choose to wear them.

So after a summer of wearing mostly one thing, I now want my new wardrobe to be as simple as it can possibly be without me having to wear the same thing every day. Is that even possible?

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got so far. Please weigh in with suggestions for other simple staples. Also, let me know if you think you could operate with a 14-item wardrobe.

1. Pink 32 CANDLES t-shirt

2. bright green tank top

3. purple t-shirt






8. denim skirt

9. jeans

10. sweatpants

11. dark green shorts





*Totally didn’t intend that to be a pun when I wrote it, but man, am I glad it worked out that way. Puns make me happy…