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Fierce OR Nerdy: Don’t You Forget About Me


important polls by slpc

Because of the gravity of my last poll, I gave everyone a week off. Now I’m back with the results of the John Hughes Memorial Vote. THE BREAKFAST CLUB took first place with 32% of the votes, while FERRIS BUELLER landed in second with 22%, and SIXTEEN CANDLES took third with 14% (sorry Ernessa). I was kinda shocked that SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL only had one vote, while UNCLE BUCK had three (maybe I should watch Uncle Buck again). MR. MOM, a personal favorite, was somewhere in the middle, while there were no votes for Weird Science, Pretty in Pink, She’s Having a Baby, or The Great Outdoors.

Because I’m the type who can’t let things go, this final Hughes poll is dedicated to the winner: The Breakfast Club. Choose your favorite BOY and GIRL.

Judd NelsonORAnthony Michael Hall

[poll id=”23″]

Molly RingwaldORAlly Sheedy

[poll id=”24″]