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No Philosophical Monday Due to Potty Training

So after a look at our summer schedules, we saw that the only free weekend we both had to potty train our daughter before she starts preschool in the Fall was this long one. The process has been both harder and easier than we thought it would be. Easier because it’s basically cleaning up accidents and establishing routines until our little one figures out that when she has to pee or poop, it goes “in the potty” as opposed to in her now-diaperless-pants. But the process has also been harder than originally thought, because it requires lots of diligence, patience, and spending every one of your kids waking minutes watching to see if she might poop or pee. Keep in mind, I’m a writer with a short attention span who gets bored easily and who has a real need for at least an hour of alone time for every 12 spent awake. So if this sounds like a miserable way to spend Memorial Day Weekend, that’s because it is.

Still, we think it’s all worth it if just for the chance to pull out this picture of our daughter playing the harmonica on the potty (completely her idea, we didn’t even hand it to her) sometime during her wedding festivities. Because that’s what good parents do.