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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Book Thrall

That’s what I call it when I’m so wrapped up in a book that I can’t stop thinking about it and become obsessed with finishing it. If I’m listening to an audiobook in the car, then I ask friends that live in Santa Monica to meet up, just so I have an excuse to take a long drive. Or I volunteer every time someone in our household needs an errand run.If I’m listening to an audiobook on my iPhone, then Betty gets taken on lots and lots of walks in her stroller. I lost like five pounds messing around with the audiobook for Carleen Brice’s Orange, Mint, and Honey.

But the worse, I mean the absolute worse, is when a physical book sends you into book thrall — a physical book that’s not available as an audiobook. You see, I can clock a lot of mom time walking the neighborhood, but finding time to read a physical book is extremely hard these days. My rule is that when Betty’s asleep I’m working, so that time is out. And the few times I’ve tried to read in Betty’s presence, she’s come over and closed the book and/or chucked it across the room while giving me a look that reads as a stern lecture about being “fully present” for her childhood. It get this look a lot.

I’m actually in a rather tough book thrall situation right now. I’m reading the ARC of Lori Tharps’s SUBSTITUTE ME. I won’t go into it too much, but something surprising just happened and I’m dying to find out “what happens next,” except you know: motherhood, career, and blog come first. And sadly, they don’t hand out ARCs of audiobooks — though I have a theory that publishers would probably get more advanced reads if they offered folks that option.

Anyway, this is all to explain why I’ve decided to start getting up earlier. like at 6am as opposed to 7am. So that I can finish reading this dang book. I’m not to happy with Lori Tharps right now. In fact if she weren’t so nice IRL, I’d probably stop speaking to her.

But other than that, I just love a good book thrall. I’m actually going to talk about another book that recently had me fiending on Thursday. Til then, please let me know if there haven been any books that have sent you spiraling into book thrall lately. I’m always looking for recommendations.

Oh, and click on the pic to pre-order SUBSTITUTE ME by Lori Tharps.