Philosophical Monday: Your Facebook Pic [Baby or No Baby]

bettycuteshoot9Hey Guys,

I’ve decided to abandon the Month of Advice, because on second thought, I wasn’t all that excited about it. So if you’re wondering, “Hey, why no advice?” That’s why.

In other news, a dilemma did come up yesterday. I took two pictures of Betty of such everlasting cuteness that I wondered if I shouldn’t use one of them as my Facebook Profile Pic, which is an issue b/c I’ve vowed to never ever use a lone picture of Betty as my Profile Pic.

Now I know everybody has their own theories about what makes for a good Facebook pic, and I’ve seen it all. Some people use a pic of their child or children as their Facebook picture. Some people use a picture of their dog or a celebrity. I think I’ve even seen one friend use a picture of her boyfriend, but I can’t remember who it was, so m/b I just imagined that.


Oh, I'm chillin' like Al Green, listening to some sweet R&B on the ole iTunes Visualizer. What you doin', girl?

That’s all well and good for other folks, but I’ve always been of the opin that I should be in all of my Facebook pics. So when Betty came, I decided that all of my Profile Pics would either feature Just Me or Betty and Me, but never Just Betty, because I don’t want to be represented purely by motherhood and all that jazz.

However, that was before I took these two pictures of Betty, which have seriously made me question all that I had decided about Profile Pics.

Anywho this all got me to wondering, do you guys have rules about your Facebook Profile Pics like I do? And I’d also be interested in know how other moms feel about using their children in their Profile Pics. And non-children havers, tell the truth: Do you judge people who use their kids as their profile pics? Not that the opinions of others would influence my decision in this case. I was just wondering.

Oh, and if you have a caption suggestion for the higher picture, please let me know. I haven’t come up with one yet.

Totally (FB) Profilin’,


P.S. — Thanks for all of the online and offline encouragement on Friday. I’m feeling so kick ass again, and I’m so very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful support network. Seriously, you guys are the best.

P.S.S. — If you want to see other pictures from my iPhone shoots go here and here.