Urethral Orgasm? [Ask Dr. Miro: What You Didn’t Learn In Health Class]

Dear Dr. Miro,

How come when I’m having sex it sometimes feels like I have to pee and it’s not from G-Spot stimulation? I’m looking at biology books and can’t figure out how the urethra is connected to sexual arousal but it must be because it’s right there and sometimes when I hold it in for a long time I can actually have an orgasm! Please explain.

Full Bladder Bertie

Dear FBB,

The urethra and the bladder are squished in there with all of your sexual organs. When you get turned on, there is a lot of swelling. In males it is obvious because you see the penis become tumescent, or erect. In females it is not as obvious but they have erectile tissue too!

Not only can you see the labia majora and minora lips become puffier and darker as the clitoris becomes engorged and swollen but what you are not seeing is the majority of the clitoris “underground” below the lips. Other organs begin to enlarge and shift as well. While this is happening, the urethra gets a bit pushed upon because of all the moving around.

If you are engaging in penetrative sex, things are getting even more mashed together so it would make sense that there is less room for your urine. In fact, the G-Spot, which is in between the vaginal wall and the urethral sponge, is getting stimulated by all the pressure coming at it from a multitude of directions.

There are a lot of people who liken having an orgasm to the release of urinating or sneezing. That moment when there is no control and it is all about giving in to the bodily needs and desires can be highly erotic. There are many examples of folks who get off on sneezing.

Also, I have heard quite a few stories from women who learned how to self-pleasure, as girls, by rubbing against their beds with full bladders. But try not to do that so much as the holding in of urine may result in other issues such as urinary tract or bladder infections.

Lust & Happiness,
Dr. Miro

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