Momtagonists, Mindy Kaling, and the Eye of Horus All Procrastinate on This!

Wassup-wassup-wassup! Just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the nerdy moms out there, before I open up this big ol’ batch of procrastination for ya.

1. Just in time for Mother’s Day, The Mary Sue is celebrating “Momtagonists,” including Elastigirl from THE INCREDIBLES, Jessica Jones (from AVENGERS 2?), Athena from BSG, and of course, the most momtastic momtagonist of all, Sarah Conner. The full list is definitely worth checking out. [Momtagonists: 7 Moms Who Get to Be the Hero]

Ah, Wonder Woma ... Click on the pic to see even more superhero themed Mother's Day Cards, including a rather funny one from Superman.

2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Mindy Kaling’s sitcom got picked up and will be headed to TVs this fall. Seriously, when was the last time a non-white woman got her own prime time sitcom? I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait!!! [Jezebel]

3. Stop the historical presses. As it turns out the Egyptian Eye of Horus is actually a math problem! Wha??? Mind officially BLOWN! [i09]

4. This tip is a tad icky, but it’s also super-easy and might just keep you from getting sick the next time you travel via metal petri dish — or as the uninformed like the call it, “airplane.” [Daniel H. Pink]

5.Please, please, please watch this trailer for GANGSTER SQUAD (starring our current boyfriends Ryan Gosling and Anthony Mackie, and our douchey old boyfriends Sean Penn and Josh Brolin). They’re very concerned that you understand that this film is going to be a) cool b)  DRAMATIC c) Cool d) sexy e) so freaking cool, son! I mean they’ve even got Jay-Z on the trailer track.