Procrastinate on This [Friday Edition]

Greetings from Charlottesville, VA, where I’m taking part in the VA Festival of the Book, but mostly ensconcing myself in a hotel room for five days, so that I can finally catch up. Other than missing my family terribly, it is awesome. Especially the part where I subsist on packaged food like I’m in my teens twenties — okay fine, early thirties again. Oh, Little Debbie, how I’ve missed thee, girl. I’m happy to report that the Oatmeal Pie has still got it going on.

Now, if you think I’m more concerned with hunting down a package of those orange Hostess cupcakes than giving you your weekly batch of procrastination, let me assure you … I totally am. But don’t worry, I can do both. Here ya go…

Jezebel complains that every single celebrity owns this "dress that won't die." Which is funny, because I'm wearing my yellow version of this dress to the Author/Reader Links brunch on Sunday. Does that make me a celebrity?

1. These tips for a meat eater dating a vegetarian and vice versa are so awesome. Thanks to the Anonymous Smithie from “My You Really Have Put on Weight” for posting. [The Frisky]

2. This list of “10 Psychological States You’ve Never Heard Of … And When You Experienced Them” is super-intriguing. Especially fascinating: Dysphoria, Enthrallment, Normopathy, and Repetition Compulsion. [i09]

3. Good news, a 2,150-piece R2D2 LEGO set is coming soon, and it will only set you back $250! What do you mean that’s only good news if you’re ridiculous STAR WARS nerd? [LikeCool]

4. THE LEGEND OF KORRA, which was co-created by Friend of FaN, Mike DiMartino, will be hitting Nickelodeon on April 14th. I will try not to expire from anticipation before that. [The Mary Sue]

5. This list of “Six Kids’ TV Stars I Want to Marry” is awesome in every way, mostly because it includes DJ Lance Rock, David the Gnome, and my long-time crush, Jeff (the mannequin) from TODAY’S SPECIAL. [xoJane]

6. FINALLY, some nail art for us comic book nerds. About dang time! [Fashionably Geek]

7. TWILIGHT is poorly written and seriously problematic, but I will defend Stephanie Meyer’s THE HOST all day. It is so, so, so good. And here’s a terrific trailer for the movie version, which almost made me squee my nerd pants.